Cleaning Titanium?

Something to keep in mind if you are cleaning Titanium is that chlorinated based solvents cannot be used to degrease or clean Titanium. This is because the chlorinated based molecule embrittles the Titanium and causes an inter-granular attack on the structure. This is one of the reasons nPB (n propyl bromide) is recommended for cleaning Titanium.  Solvents like EnTron-Aero are Boeing approved for vapor degreasing and cleaning Titanium. nPB based vapor degreasing solvents do not contain harmful chemistries that attack the titanium metal.

So if you are considering replacing your nPB with a chlorinated based solvent like TCE, Methylene Chloride or Perchloroethylene – be mindful to ensure the Titanium is not negatively impacted.

You might be wondering if you can use the new fluorinated solvents to clean titanium?…the answer is a cautious yes – if the fluorinated solvent like AeroTron-CE  does not contain any chlorinated solvents in the blend.

Post by – Reliance Specialty Products, Inc. – vapor degreasing and solvent cleaning experts that manufacture both vapor degreasing equipment and vapor degreasing solvents.