AeroTron: nPB Alternative Solvent

So what solvent can you use as an alternative to nPB?

One solvent we have vetted that is a direct replacement for n propyl bromide is AeroTron. AeroTron is a powerful cleaner that has an excellent Health & Safety profile while being as powerful a cleaner as nPB.

  • USEPA SNAP Approved: All components  of AeroTron are US EPA SNAP Approved for use in Precision Electronics & Metal Cleaning, Cold Cleaning & Carrier Applications.
  • No cancer or reproductive toxicity impacts: A 150ppm (8hr avg.) workplace exposure based on OSHA OEL & US-EPA recommendations for product components.
  • Similar physical & performance characteristics to nPB: It has a similar KB value, similar dieletric strength and is distillable like nPB.
  • Can be used with existing equipment: Because the similar physical characteristics like non-flammability, it can be used in existing vapor degreasing equipment. Also, AeroTron is not NESHAP regulated, so modifications to your existing unit are not necessary,.
  • Improved chemistry eliminates likelihood of acidity:  nPB has the possibility of “going acid” which is where the stabilizers in the nPB bath have been used up by the presence of water – which can cause the solvent to create acid conditions in the tank. AeroTron does not “go acid” in the presence of water, so stabilizers and testing of the bath is not necessary.

If your company would like to keep vapor degreasing, as it is a powerful way to quickly clean metal in a manufacturing setting. Consider moving to an alternative solvent versus moving to a completely different alternative cleaning method.

For more information about AeroTron visit You can receive a free test sample and or have some of your parts test cleaned for you, so you can get a sense of the cleaning capabilities as part of your alternative solvent evaluation process.

Post by – Reliance Specialty Products, Inc. – vapor degreasing and solvent cleaning experts that manufacture both vapor degreasing equipment and vapor degreasing solvents.