Automation is Worth Considering

The use of automation in the form of an automated basket handling system or some people use the term lift or hoist on your vapor degreasing system is worth considering.

One of the best reasons for considering a hoist is that there is less worker solvent exposure because the lift is doing the parts processing. There are also additional benefits like:

  • The lift minimizes worker vapor exposure and reduces contact with the solvent;
  • If there is a lid on the vapor degreaser, parts may be able to be processed with the lid closed – again reducing solvent exposure;
  • Labor Cost Savings: A lift can reduce or eliminate operator processing time as the parts processing is being done automatically;
  • Processing Consistency: Use of the lift ensures that your parts are processed consistently to your specification – every time;
  • Automation usually allows you to create different Part Cleaning Recipes so you can process different parts using different recipes. These recipes allow you to determine the dwell time in the vapor zone, in the immersion tank and in the refrigeration zone.

Some automated lifts also allow you to turn on and off ultrasonics and even do a “multi-dip” type operation for additional cleaning. All done consistently every time.

  • Minimized Solvent Losses: Controlled movement combined with sufficient time in the refrigerated flash-off zone while processing with the lid closed greatly reduces solvent losses compared to manual processing of parts;
  • Automated controlled lift reduces operator error and increases productivity.

There are many different kinds of hoist or lift systems out there, from chains suspended over the vapor degreaser tank to sophisticated PLC automated controlled basket handling systems.

Before you decide that you need to get out of vapor degreasing because you are concerned about solvent vapor exposure, it might be worth a bit of research into automating your parts cleaning with a vapor degreasing system that is equipped with automation.

Check out Automated Basket Handling Systems with parts cleaning recipes at:

You can also check out this video for more information

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